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August 1 in Ulyanovsk has already registered more than 2 thousand HIV-infected . August 1 in Ulyanovsk has already registered more than 2 thousand HIV-infected , with 1692 of them already identified in 2000. At a meeting of the city sanitary - epidemic commission held today at City Hall , chaired by Deputy Mayor Yuri Zaitsev addressed the issue of countering the spread of HIV infection in Ulyanovsk. This is due to exposure to the virus among drug addicts . Now it is transmitted mainly through used syringes , which last year gave a sharp outbreak of disease. 75% of patients - young people from 15 to 29 years , with 96 % of them - addicts . Increases and the proportion of HIV - infected women , in connection with which increases the risk of transmission from mother to child during pregnancy and childbirth. In connection with an emergency situation in Ulyanovsk on the incidence of HIV infection, the City Commission decided to : Intensify City of Youth Department for the Prevention of HIV infection among young people and the most vulnerable groups , to create a coordinating council for the prevention of AIDS , to continue work on the city program "Anti - HIV / AIDS , " the realization that last year the city budget has allocated 5 million rubles . , paying particular attention to preventing the spread of disease among drug users . Decided to strengthen the enforcement of sterilization in medical institutions of Ulyanovsk, providing them to do all the necessary means and instruments . In city schools plan to deploy a broad education on disease prevention , the program will be implemented , methodical manuals on moral and sexual education of children and adolescents . Office of the Mayor's Office of Finance will allocate funds for the purchase of essential medicines and tools , the press office of mayor . Ulyanovsk soon open its first rehabilitation center for drug addicts. Center will be established using the Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant and personally CEO Vladislav Abanina enterprise . Its headed by Chief Narcologist region Vyacheslav Tokarenko . According to him, the center will apply the most advanced techniques for the treatment of drug addicts. Ulyanovsk also soon open antidrug Community Foundation of Salvation, which will also lead Tokarenko . Fund will prevention work with young people and measures to prevent the spread of drugs .


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