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Executive Members of Geographical Society of North Bengal August 6th Mayor George Liman held a working meeting with the leadership of the city administration. August 6th Mayor George Liman held a working meeting with the leadership of the city administration. The audience was presented to Denis Knyazev , appointed to the post of deputy head of the city administration, who will oversee the issues of international and inter-regional policy . The meeting heard a report on the operational situation in the city, the public reception of the work . Head of Consumer Market and Services Oleg Manah reported a decline in the prices of vegetables - potatoes, carrots and onions . Preparing orders city and district administrations on September 15 in Samara agricultural fairs . A special place in the agenda of the new program was given to the city administration , dubbed " landscaped yard ." Execution of the program is designed for 4-5 years. During this time, every urban yard should be equipped for children and health grounds, places of quiet rest for adults . 08.08.2001 17:19 Under the administration of the area creates artistic advisory council on national art crafts Shamanov ordered the creation of artistic advisory council on national art crafts under the administration of the Ulyanovsk region . Such a council was set up in order to classification of manufactured products to the products of folk crafts and coordination located on the territory of the Ulyanovsk region organizations , irrespective of their legal form of organization and individual working artists . Council activities - volunteer . It will consist of highly qualified specialists in the field of arts and crafts , the leading masters , leaders ( top artists ) , organizations of folk crafts , art historians, anthropologists , museum workers of culture, creative unions, foundations and associations whose activities are linked to the preservation of national cultural heritage. The term of office of the Board - three years. Section will be created by kind of production crafts , as well as an independent expert . Control over the execution of orders assigned to the Deputy Head of the Administration Region Vladimir Tsarev . 08.08.2001 17:30 The administration area has begun preparations for the signing of a bilateral agreement between the Government of Moscow and the administration of the Ulyanovsk region. Shamanov issued a decree number 770- P were prepared to sign a bilateral agreement between the Government of Moscow and Ulyanovsk region administration , control of which will be carried out personally . In this regard, the administration instructed the head of representation of the Ulyanovsk region under the Government of the Russian Federation Albert tanks provide training and coordination of the agreement and the place and time of its signing up to August 15, 2001 . General guidance for the preparation of acts of signing the agreement and participation in the seventh Moscow Industrial Fair entrusted to the Deputy Head of the Region Administration Dmitry Hutz . 08.08.2001 17:41 To cover the deficit of the Ulyanovsk region agreed to sell stakes in the domain . August 7, 2001 Shamanov issued a decree number 769- p - to establish a commission to decide on the sale of shares in the domain , in order to cover the budget deficit . Chairman of the commission appointed Deputy Head of the Region Administration Dmitry Hudz . Commission tasked up to 15.08.2001 to consider the proposed work and the Department of Property Relations of the Ulyanovsk region program to cover the deficit areas and submit for approval by the regional governor Vladimir Shamanov . The enforcement of this order is assigned to the First Deputy Head of the Regional Administration Victor Sidorcheva . 08.08.2001 18:02 40 new housing certificates will be awarded on August 13 servicemen transferred to the reserve . August 13, 2001 in the building of the regional administration will be a solemn ceremony of housing certificates servicemen residing in the area. This will be done within the framework of the federal target program " State housing certificates " . There will be handed over 40 such certificates soldiers (mainly officers ) , transferred to the reserve .

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1 Dr.Piyal Basu Roy C/O.Alipurduar College,PO.:Alipurduar Court,Dist.:Jalpaiguri, W.B., PIN:736122 HOD & Asst. Professor, Alipurduar College President
2 Arobinda Shit Chandrakanta SS Mahavidlaya, Barasat Asst. Professor Executive Member
3 Dr.Bikramjit Saha Tufanganj Asst. Head Master Executive Member
4 Himangshu Biswas Thanamore, PO.Alipurduar Court, Dist.:Jalpaiguri, W.B. Ex-Asst. Teacher Secretary
5 Gobindo Rajbansi C/O.Vivekananda College, PO.Alipurduar, Dist.:Jalpaiguri, W.B  Asst. Professor Executive Member  (M)+919832486024
6 Dr.Pradip Chawhan C/O.Gour College, PO+Dist.:Malda  Asst. Professor Executive Member
7 Dr.Sanjit Kumar Shil Sharma Shikarpur High School (HS)PO.Shikarpur, Dist.Coochbehar  Asst. Teacher Executive Member  (M)+919434482781


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