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On harvesting operations and used alco antinicotinic incentives. Chairman Ibresinsky kolkhoz " Red Partisan " Petrov introduced alco antinicotinic and incentives to support the nondrinkers and nonsmokers workers during the harvest - wrote " Sovetskaya Chuvashia ." At the end of the year sober farm workers will receive an additional 500 to 1,000 rubles, 200 rubles for non-smokers . Another innovation was the use of the collective farm chairman glider . Machine was purchased leadership " Red Partisan " not for sporting purposes , and for pollination of crops with herbicides . Collective farm chairman is currently considering the establishment of aviation Agrohimservis with which you can serve not only Ibres economy , but also the neighboring areas . August 12, the team of Journalists will lead the fight for the Cup of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports of Chuvashia in competitions on street basketball . August 12 teams of Journalists lead the fight for challenge cup Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports in Chuvashia competitions Street Basket . By arrangement in the tournament will be attended by 14 teams . Like last year, the organizers , together with the general sponsor of the tournament casino "Cheboksary Bay" and "Leader" , taken care of numerous prizes for journalists - athletes. Will again be elected "Miss Street basketball ." Last year, the first beauty wore a crown representative team " Infolink " Marina Nijeradze . Men first determine " Mr. Street Basket " . As usual , the Republican Basketball Federation will name the best players in the competition. Challenge cup " Fair Play " ( pure play ) was established by the State Committee for Information and Press of Chuvashia. And on August 18 among media Chuvashia sports tournament will be held Russian billiards. Women and men will play on an equal footing . Such competition for the first time organized a billiard club "Astoria" in conjunction with CHROO "Federation of billiard sports . Dedicated Tournament Day of Cheboksary. Prize fund of 13,000 rubles.

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